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In today’s time, when fuel prices are sky-rocketing who wouldn’t want to own a car giving excellent fuel economy despite of having hair-raising performance? Until recently the common belief was that fuel-efficient CNG run engines are unexciting when it comes to driving pleasure and power. But we say you can have both fuel efficiency as well as a thrilling performance as good as that of petrol all in a single package. How is that possible to have unmatched engine performance while using a CNG run engine?

Lovato (Italy) has developed a third generation intelligent gas injection technology that makes it possible to get a thrilling performance whilst having a great fuel economy. SEQUENTIAL gas injection system is a pioneering technology developed to offer great power with excellent fuel economy and low emissions. Sequential system is a blend of MPFI (Multi Port Fuel Injection), that uses independent fuel injectors and an onboard, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) making the entire system a compact, powerful and highly efficient CNG system.

How exactly does it work?

Key elements of Sequential Gas kits are- downsizing, direct injection, great performance, reduced emissions and great performance. A petrol engine coupled with direct gas injection enhances the engines combustion efficiency so that the engine output of sequentially injected kit is much more than any other conventional or closed loop system. Sequential fuel injection systems are tuned to deliver high torque at rpm band of 1000-1500 which translates into great driving pleasure along with high efficiency. It is tuned to offer excellent power delivery across various engine speeds at high gear ratios. With a combination of direct gas injection and an ECM (Engine Control Module) the gas run engine has exponential performance figures. The optimization enhances engines dynamic responsiveness while reducing CO2 emissions and in turn reducing fuel consumption.