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Liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles more....
Compressed Natural Gas is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel, fuel.It is more environmentally clean alternative to other fuels more...
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Is LPG the same as CNG?
LPG and CNg are totally diffrent gasses and have diffrent effects on performance of the engine.
CNG being compressed gas at a high pressure is it safe to use?
All cng compillant vehicles use cylinders of ISO grade (IS-15490,ISO-11439,ISO-9809-1) which are approved by ministry of explosives INDIA (Explosives act 4-1884)
Does use gas conversion kits dry up the engine or reduce engine life?
Use of cng or lpg never dries up the engine,simillar to the petrol it needs regular maintainence inorder to function for longer period
Do gas fitted cars have fear of explosion?
Gas fitted cars do not have the fear of explosion as long as there is no direct contact with flamable substance simillar to petrol ans diesel.
What are the chances of leakage from the tank?
A minimal of 5-10% chance of leakage which can be solved by quickly shutting of the safety regulator fitted on the tank
Does fitting gas conversion system affect power of the engine?
Gas conversion systems affect the engine power and pick my maximum 7-8% which goes unnoticed by 90% drivers.