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Liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles more....
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At AKSHAY GASCON AUTO we provide the following three options to CNG as well as LPG conversion kits with lovato and tartarini.

Conventional open loop kit

Open loop kits provided by lovato and tartarini are the most simple less complicated manually tuned kits. Open loop kits are provided with timing advancer software which help boost pick up of the vehicle. Open loop gas conversion kits are provided with all kinds of standard safety equipment.These kits are most suitable for small capacity engines and are the cheapest availible option in gas conversion systems.

Closed loop gas conversion kits

Closed loops gas conversion kits are provided lambda control system which emulates the flow of gas at required engine timing and rpm with the help of a tuning software. With the help of the lambda control system is automatically synchronised to the vehicles running according to engine revolutions and timing and it requires absolutely no manual tuning. The lambda control system maitains stoichiometric ratio of gas flow and adjusts gas flow according to engine running conditions using lambda probe signal. With the gas flow optimised as per running conditions electronically with the help of lambda control system,it manages to give the user better milage on running on gas. Closed loop systems are popullarly used in MPFI vehicles and give better power and efficiency than open loop system.

Sequential injection system

Sequential system is the third generation fuel injection system and is the most advanced type of technology used in the gas conversion buisness. With the help of direct injection into the engine cylinders with help of a common rail gas injection system. This system is provided with a completley independent injection system simillar to the petrol injection system. The flow of gas is controlled with an Electronic control unit (ECU) which electronically controls the behaviour of the engine while running on gas. Sequential gas injection system is a fully computerised system wich runs on the base of software tuning done on the ECU. In sequential gas injection system there is absolutely no loss of power in vehicle and gives same performance as that got on petrol in aspects of power and pick up. Due to direct injection into engine there is faster combustion of gas resulting into better power of the vehicle. Sequential injection system also gives a better mileage (upto 2 times that on petrol) and lesser emissions of harmful gasses. With sequential injection system we guarantee long term stability of power,mileage and smooth running of vehicle equivalent to that of petrol. Sequential system is being put to use in higher capacity engines and high end luxury cars even those compiling to EURO IV standards